Adopt from BFPA


We're excited that you are interested in adopting a pet from Best Friend Pet Adoption. We take the adoption process very seriously and hope you will, too. Statistics show that nationally less than 50% of all adopted dogs and cats are still in their adopted home after just one year. This is not acceptable.

After going through the BFPA matchmaking adoption process, many successful adopters comment that it was like adopting a child. We want you to think this decision through and be fully aware of the challenges that come with pet ownership. We want you to view your new dog or cat as your child, and treat the animal as a full participating member of your household. Adopting a BFPA pet should be looked upon as a lifelong commitment of love and responsibility for the welfare of that animal, just as you would have for a human member of your family.

Our adoption process intentionally has several steps and cannot be completed in one day.

steps to adopt

  1. Learn about our adoption requirements, fees and criteria.
  2. Search for a cat or dog you may be interested in adopting.
  3. Complete our online adoption application.
  4. If your application is approved, have "meet and greets" with BFPA animals of interest.
  5. Take your BFPA pet on a minimum 2-week adoption trial.
  6. If the adoption trial goes well, finalize your new pet's adoption.

Now you're ready to begin, choose the virtual adoption center you'd like to visit:

Cat Adoption Center

Dog Adoption Center